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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Tu Tu Cute

Isn’t she adorable? Isn’t she lovely? Now, if Ms. Marissa would just be willing to share those smiles with me a little more freely. I’ve had a lot of little girls with lots of little curls lately….Marissa has the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen. At 18 monhts it’s already half-way down her back! Her […]

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Junkyard Senior

I love shooting in new and different locations, so I was happy that Brandon was wanting to do some junkyard shots. People might think, “WHAT is there to take pictures of in a junkyard!?” But I think all the colors and textures work great for seniors…especially guys! Here’s a few to share—

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Aren’t they angelic?

Meet Sam, Austin and lil’ sis Mackenzie. Let me tell you- these three all had personality to spare- which always makes a session fun. We braved the wet and soggy outdoors and our shoes may never be the same. The bridge image has to be one of my favorites so far…the three liked to be […]

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I had to post a image of the new rings. Aren’t they cool!? I can’t wait to get one for myself if I can get a good image of my own kids-the hardest task I have! Check out all the jewelry options in my Accessories Store on my shopping cart site.

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NEW! Jewelry from Alison Stumpf Photography

I am very happy to introduce a new line of portrait jewelry products, including this lovely tile pendant with colored crystals, featuring your favorite image…or two! The portrait is not just glued on, but actually is part of the tile. Most products can be made double sided as well. I’ve searched for some time to […]

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