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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Tis’ the Season

I think I’m maintaining sanity….at least sanity for this time of year. I am officially booked and have no openings remaining for 2007. I look forward to recording your memories in 2008. The best news is that I completed my OWN children’s Christmas portraits this past weekend. It was a short session and one of […]

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Gallery Winners…

Thank you to Angela, Tanya and Sherry for submitting their wall galleries to share with us!I loved seeing how you’ve displayed my work in your homes and it’s given me some inspiration for my own walls…IF I can ever get some pictures of my OWN kiddo’s taken (you know, the shoemakers children go shoeless…). Please […]

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Sherry’s Wall Galleries

Sherry has been a client of mine for some time, and I love how she groups her images to really show how her children have grown and changed. She also shared some pretty ingenious ideas that she shared with me below: The grouping with the clock in the middle is in my kitchen. I like […]

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Email Woes

Due to a problem with my ISP, I am unable to send or respond to email addresses at Yahoo, msn, or hotmail. I ask you patience until this is resolved. I will have more galleries to share with you! Thank you to those of you who are sharing!

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Another Share–

Thanks to Tanya for sharing her beautiful wall! Frame collections like this are quite popular now, and I think she said this one came from Pottery Barn? It’s really a great way to display your portrait art.

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