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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Prom 08

I really enjoyed the chance to do some prom portraits for a few of these young people. I hope they are having a great time and since I promised I’d put a few images on my blog…I’m keeping my end of the promise. And then I’m turning in! They looked fabulous~ Happy Prom, People!

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Carter and Lily

You just never know really, who is going to be camera shy and who is going to love the limelight. I had em pegged wrong again. Carter was Mr. Photogenic and Lily was not too impressed with her photo-shoot, and chose more contemplative expressions for her look over cheesy smiles. They are both as cute […]

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MOMMY CARDS are here! What are mommy cards you might ask? Go ahead….ask! They offer a stylish and hip new option instead of scribbling your name and number on some random scrap of paper you find when you meet a new friend. Mini portrait, slash, business card meets cool wallet option. Great to give teachers, […]

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