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MOMMY CARDS are here!
What are mommy cards you might ask? Go ahead….ask!
They offer a stylish and hip new option instead of scribbling your name and number on some random scrap of paper you find when you meet a new friend. Mini portrait, slash, business card meets cool wallet option. Great to give teachers, friends at PTO, new contacts, etc. And let me tell you, GRANDMOTHERS think they are the best thing yet! I bet no one else at Pinochle Club has anything like it. (yes I had to look up how to spell pinochle). 🙂
The cards are two sided and slicky-shiny- yummy and I LOVE em!
Pricing starts at $45 for 50 cards plus creation fee.
BUT, if you order before May 6th, the creation fee is FREE and knock $5 off the total price. 🙂
I’ll also waive reposting fee from any 07-08 session.
They make great Mother’s Day Gifts as well. (For you or Grandma).
Give me a call or drop me a line with questions. Special ends May 6th~ don’t forget!
Kari - April 25, 2008 - 2:30 pm

I love these – they are the so cool. You are a TRUE inspiration!!

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