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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Mady’s got style!

One of the things that people really like about the Show Your Style mini-sessions is that they get to do just that- SHOW their STYLE! Mady took advantage of that opportunity to be a little different, a little funky, a little daring- with red highlights in her hair! TOO COOL! Leave it to Mady to […]

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Gotta love that color! I photographed a lot of little red girls this weekend~ red costumed girls that is! Kendell was just one of several ‘red’ girls that got her dance portraits taken. I know another little red girl named Sofie that has yet to get her own dance portraits taken….I think her mother better […]

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You Go Girl!

Abby- the little go-getter herself. She couldn’t resist bringing in a pair of sunglasses to her dance mini-session. I’d say they suit her pretty well! I love all the pretty colors of all the great dance costumes, but I just thought this one called for a little black and white pizzazz! With two older brothers […]

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The Show Your Stuff Mini-Sessions aren’t just for dance, as Grant is here to show. The play HONK! features Grant as one of the froggie actors…and now Grant has the froggie portraits to remember his debut by! Ribbit!

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