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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Computer Woes

Yes, I was quite happy to have my computer up and working. That lasted about one day- until I rebooted it and – trouble. So now I have been without my standard computer for another week. (overall since about Dec. 20th). If you know me, that is a L O N G time to be […]

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Jilian is 6months old and just a comfortable in front of a camera as can be. You know I love bare baby shoots and Jilian’s gorgeous eyes and personality took right over. I promise her mom and dad I’ll be working on editing the rest and have them up this week!

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Getting back to NORMAL

Ah- the view of life as ‘normal’ might be in sight again.My daughter’s tonsilectomy is over and she seems to be turning the corner and feeling like her old self again. She’s not back in school yet….but that will come. My mother’s surgery went well and she will be coming home today. Sigh- relief. My […]

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