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I blogged a week or so ago about an image of mine that was chosen for a WISH YOU WELLS art rendition. I received the final art work and wanted to share it with you.
I’m just tickled with how it turned out….and am planning on printing it on velvet paper (I think) once I decide for certain where I’m going to display it in my home.

I also got on the ball tonight and ordered some portraits of Holden’s newborn sesson for his nursery. I’m so jealous seeing these beautifully designed nurseries for babies on the way—-and Holden’s is less than “Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval” worthy. I love the gender surprise after labor and delivery…but I will say there is something to be said to find out pink or blue before-hand and to get the nursery and layette all in order before you’re exhausted and in the fog of new parenthood.

A good day in the nursery is if the bed (where I sleep) gets made.
Since Holden has decided no man-made bottle is good enough for his finely acquired palette…I’m am pretty much tied(literaly)to him 24/7. So to make things easier on both of us (not to mention Jeff) I sleep in the nursery. I have an assortment of pillows all strategically propped and angled and piled in the bed to allow for middle of the night feedings and dozing. To make the bed would disturb the strategic system I’ve devised. We call this pile of chaotic bedding “the boars nest“. I guess it should be “the Sow’s nest
huh? That’s as close as the Good Housekeeping seal of approval I get.
That’s why I’m a photographer and not an interior decorator.

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