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Maternity Leave No More~

Where did the time go? Has it really been nearly two months since my son was born? Apparently so as tomorrow is not only April Fool’s Day but the end of my maternity leave. I start of the day with a couple of my favorite subjects, Gage and Stevie! I really appreciate the patience my clients have extended me, and the great thing is that I work with some really wonderful mothers who all have ‘been there’ and know how important it is to have that time to dedicate to baby. That being said, I’m anxious to get back in the studio and catch up!
If you contacted me while on leave about scheduling a session for your little one- please don’t hesitate to contact me again if I’ve neglected to get back to you. My organizational and cognitive skills while on leave are still not fully up to par~ but I’m working on it. I’m in the process of learning how to type with one hand, edit with a baby asleep on my chest and you know I feel truly comfortable with you if you’ve received a cryptic email from me in the last two months that is pecked out with one hand and full of typos {ie, TY 4 ur order–i apprci8 ur bssness} How professional is that? I dont’ know but for awhile I was operating on survival mode.

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