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Prepare For Your Session

 Make the most of your session!

  • Read the PRODUCT GUIDE as detailed in your session agreement contract.
  • Clothing makes a HUGE impact on the final look of your images. Check out the WHAT TO WEAR guide to avoid any clothing regrets.

Babies and Children-

  • If you don’t want it in your pictures, leave it in the car. This includes things like blankies, toys, pacifiers, etc.  Children have a way of clinging on to just the item you don’t want in your portrait so out of sight out of mind applies here.
  • LEAVE THE CHEESE  AT HOME:   I know it’s tempting to practice those smiles with your kiddos, but that usually results in a pained unnatural look which is not what you’re going for! Leave it to me to illicit the natural expressions and cuteness that your child naturally exudes.
  • BRIBERY tends to do more harm than good.  Usually when a child has been bribed with McDonald’s or ice cream or the like, one of two things happens. 1. The child thinks this ‘photo session thing’ must be something bad and scary if mom is already promising McDonald’s when it’s done OR they are so focused on getting done and to McDonald’s that they spend most of the session asking if we are about done so they can go to McDonald’s!   I find it’s best to tell them the truth; We’re going to go have some pictures done. Alison is going to take some pictures of your pretty smile and I bet she’ll have a lot of things to do. Mom is going to stay with you and I know you’ll do a good job.  Usually the less build up the better.
  • It is helpful for you as the parent to keep your child in the locations where the pictures are taking place. Please do not allow them to roam freely in the studio. Not only will they be less cooperative if they feel they can wander throughout and grab various props, but there is much equipment that is not suitable for young children to play with unsupervised.
  • HAIR: If your child has long bangs or hair that hangs in their eyes, please consider putting it up or pinning it back. Hair dangling over the eyes cannot be easily retouched.
  • No yelling zone.  Even if junior isn’t as cooperative like you hoped, don’t lose hope!  And raised voices and threats do not result in happy expressions for anyone. Remember to keep the mood light and sometimes kids just being kids result in the images that are the most treasured.


Relax and allow yourself to enjoy your session.  When everyone is relaxed it allows you to have more fun in your session and capture the kind of images that you want.


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